Stained by Puberty – A Poem

Entering into a world so warm and mild

I remember running around naked as a child

Getting sand in my butt as I played out in the wild

Waving at my parents who waved back while they smiled

I really love and cherish memories like this

They are kept in my heart, never to dismiss

Carefree moments on the beach in pure bliss

Yes those were the summers I’m really gonna miss

It’s a moment in time that I cannot restore

Cause my once pure young body is not pure anymore

Something is not the same as before

I can sense it in my whole being right down to my core

I’m no longer the same in society’s eyes

Cause when puberty blossoms, innocence dies

We can curse and deny it, tell ourselves it’s just lies

But a developing body always comes with a prize

I can see it in the way they look at my frame

I can hear it in the tone that they catcall my name

I can feel it in the way they’re inflicting their shame

That the way I am perceived is no longer the same

Did I consent to this sexualisation

Just by being one of the universe’s many creations?

I don’t want to be viewed through a lense of perversion

To be honest it makes me feel distaste and aversion

It’s like we’re being labeled and trapped in cages

This is our stories and WE should be writing the pages

Our bodies should be free from these projections at all ages

Cause we’re all children of earth, just at different stages

How awesome would it be to be naked one more time

Without it having to be seen as promiscuity or crime

Enjoying the sun on my body – an awesome sensation

Well, maybe in my next reincarnation 👶🏼

– Jeanett Ljostveit

If everyone had a Julie – A Poem


If everyone had a Julie

Their life would be more bright

Cause she turns your perspective

When you can’t see the light


If everyone had a Julie

They would get their shit together

Cause she tells you when you fuck up

And knows you can do better


If everyone had a Julie

There would be no point in lying

Cause she don’t believe “I’m fine”

If inside you’re really dying


If everyone had a Julie

They would try to be more daring

Cause she encourage you to be yourself

And accepts without comparing


If everyone had a Julie

They’d go against the stream

Cause she does what she thinks is right

And fiercely follows her dream


If everyone had a Julie

They’d make their enemies their friends

Cause her compassion continues

Where other people’s ends


If everyone had a Julie

There could be no wars at all

Cause she choose to build bridges

When others build a wall


If everyone had a Julie

They’d feel the way I do

Cause it’s like winning the jackpot

To have a bestfriend just like you