Not shaving doesn’t make you a “better feminist”!

HairyArmpitsOk, time for some real talk. I’ve noticed a lot of people both on social media and irl talking about body hair, showing off their hairy legs and armpits as an act of feminism (myself included). This seem to have lead to some confusion and a belief that you’re not a “real feminist” or you are “less of a feminist” if you shave. So let me set this straight once and for all:

Feminism has absolutely nothing to do with who’s shaving or not shaving their legs and armpits and everything to do with having the power to choose what YOU want to do with YOUR body. If you want to shave your legs than you go ahead and do that. If you don’t want that then that’s also perfectly fine. The not-shaving-trend I think, has come from women (and other folks) who wants to loudly say FUCK YOU to the patriarchy by doing the opposite of what we’ve been told to do for decades. People who’s fighting to normalize body hair so that YOU can make the decision for YOURSELF without feeling pressured to follow the norm.

I’m not refraining from shaving my legs and armpits to make you feel like shit for shaving yours. I’m refraining from shaving because that’s what feels right for ME, and because I think everyone should do what the hell they want.

So if you believe in equality for all genders and in that everyone should have the right to make decisions for themselves and their bodies – If you’re shaving or not, congratulations YOU’RE A FEMINIST!❤️ But if you shame other people for what they choose to do with their body hair, no matter how fucking hairy or smooth you are – you’re part of the problem. Thank u, next!

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