Burning pictures and letting go

Here i sit burning the pictures from my past over a lit candle and feeling a little nostalgic thinking back to those times. But it also feels good to let go of these pictures that no longer represents what they once did. Letting go, of both material things, thoughts, feelings and my need for control has brought me to this moment right now. As I stare at the pictures dissolving and slowly turning to ashes I can feel my body loosen and my mind soften. I feel grateful for this moment, and in awe of what a magical, scary but most of all empowering journey that has brought me here.

I was holding on for so long, afraid to let go because the uncertainty of what the future could hold was too challenging to deal with. “It’s safer to stay in a place that is not too joyful, but at least stable – than to jump on to the train that leads to an uncertain future”.

Letting go of the thing I was clinging to, and jumping on to the train felt terrifying, but also comfortable like taking of a tight shoe after a long day. As the train drove of into the fog I felt certain that no matter what was waiting on the other side, I had made the right choice.

The wise man Ram Dass tells a story about these boxes he has, that contains important papers and pictures from his past. Everytime he moves (which he does a lot) he needs to have an UPS truck move his boxes for him. He never takes anything out of the boxes to look at them, he just adds more stuff, collecting more boxes. At some point Ram Dass realizes that holding on to these items is holding on to the thought that he is going to run out of “now”. Run out of the present. So he decides to burn all the items and let them go.

So this is what I’m sitting here doing. Burning these pictures from the past and realizing that I will never run out of the present. And the present will always be more interesting and important than the past. It’s this very moment right now that holds all the potential and possibilities, and it’s only in this exact moment I exist. The me that existed 5 minutes ago is no longer with us, and the me that will be in 5 minutes has not yet taken form. I can obsess about the past or dream about the future, but that is not where I exist. I do not have the power to change what is done, and I do not control the future. But I can control the now, so that’s where I’ll be.

6 thoughts on “Burning pictures and letting go

    • I agree with you on that. But I think that we humans has a tendency to cling to sentimental and nostalgic memories that doesn’t serve us too. Some pictures that once represented a happy moment can hold a different meaning years later. I feel that in my life, holding on to those moment are distracting me from the present by wishing things could be like those times again and letting my mind get stuck in the past. But yes, it is hard, really hard – but also freeing ❤️

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      • We are the past and we are the present. Tomorrow isn’t written. Can’t kill the pass but we can enjoy today. Make tomorrow a wonderful possibility. I did enjoy your work. I wish I had your voice for Verbal poetry. This is the future of poetry and story.

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      • Wow, thank you! And yes, we are our past and our present for sure. My past is what has created me as the person I am today and it will always be an important part of me – but it’s not where I want my mind to be stuck. I’m constantly teaching my mind not to run away to the past or future to escape the present. But it’s ok to visit sometimes. I think there’s a lot of joy everywhere around us right now if we just stop to look ❤️

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